About Me 

Hey, y’all!

My name is Naomi Sowell, and I'm a writer with a passion for wholesome marketing.

As a creative and writer, I love watching people (real and fictional), reading their stories, and feeling their struggles. Real people are what inspire stories. And I think my love for stories made me fall in love with marketing as well.

I have six years of experience managing multiple accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, emails, and websites. Tracking analytics and creating/adjusting marketing plans are great, but my main focus is community and engagement. I have a strong background of community management and creating content (i.e. copywriting, trend research, and short-form video). That’s actually my favorite part of marketing (content creation) after connecting with people.

With websites, I can design and build a simple landing page up to a full scale website, depending on your needs, to tie all of your assets together on Internet real estate you own (consider social media renting Internet property), plus track conversions there as well.

Now, that’s what I can do. But what makes me different?

I only work with someone who I’d be passionate about and able to easily match your brand voice (which is super important when trusting someone with your marketing). I’m very responsive via text, call, or email if something goes down. And I’m all about making your job easier, so you can focus on your clients, big projects, or even just the myriad of tasks for just running your own business. Like VA or PA, but on steroids. Or caffeine, since that's my go-to fuel as a writer (and I don't do drugs).

Even if you prefer to do the work yourself, I’d still love to help strategize and advise on marketing to grow your community and streamline your process, acting more as a consultant.